School Commission

The IHM School Commission serves as an advisory commission to the principal. In this capacity, the School Commission works with the principal to create, adapt and communicate school objectives, policies and procedures.

President2021-2024Emily Campbell[email protected]
Secretary2020-2023Anna Gilley[email protected]
Member2021-2024Jennifer Cvar[email protected]
2020-2023Andrew Hazel[email protected]
Member2022-2025Jennifer Herrmann[email protected]
2022-2025Matthew Lord[email protected]
Member2019-2023Amy Martin[email protected]
2022-2025Frank Otte[email protected]
2021-2024Krista Roseberry[email protected]
PTO Representatives2022-2023Claire Becker[email protected]
2022-2023Julie Otte[email protected]
Senior Advisor2021-2022Ruth Durbin[email protected]
Finance Commission Rep2021-2022Mike Wessel[email protected]

Commission Meeting Calendar – Click HERE for 2022-23 Calendar

  • SC Meetings will take place in the library at 6:30pm on Tuesdays.  See calendar above for dates.
  • Executive Meetings take place one week prior to SC Meetings at 8:00am at IHM
  • Exec Meeting attendees include: Principal, Assistant Principal, SC President, President- Elect, Secretary
  • SC Meeting Agendas are planned at Exec. Meetings – please submit agenda items prior to Exec Meetings

Meeting Minutes

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