Special Projects


8th Grade Washington DC Trip


Christmas Pageant, Class Campout, Buddy Program with 6th Grade and more!

1st Grade 

In the fall, our 1st grade students research an animal and its habitat and then create a report and diorama to display what they have learned! In the spring,  the students each research a state and then share facts and represent the state’s flag during an end of the year IHM US State Wax Museum! Our 1st graders are also buddies with our 8th grade.

2nd Grade 

Our 2nd graders participate in two very important sacraments. They complete their First Reconciliation in November and then their First Communion in April. It is a very special and memorable year for both our students and families.

3rd Grade 

Our 3rd graders are very busy, doing projects like their novel study of Harry Potter. They also have “Pioneer Day” where the students study topics relating to the pioneers. They research the food they ate, the medicine they use, the things they wore and where they lived. Then our students create trifolds and display this information, dress up like a pioneer, do a “Virginia Reel” dance off and play all sorts of old Pioneer games.

4th grade

Our 4th graders do all sorts of activities! For instance, they study a Project Lead the Way STEM unit on Energy and Collision. Students learn about kinetic and potential energy and also about energy transformation during a collision. They then design and engineer a vehicle that can protect an egg during a collision. They also create some amazing presentations for the Indiana Bicentennial Celebration which they share with parents and guests!

5th Grade  

Our 5th graders make our Saints come alive in their Saints Alive! project and presentation that they share with parents and guests!

6th grade 

Our 6th graders attend the CYO Camp, Rancho Framasa in the fall for an overnight retreat. This trip helps to instill excitement for what  6th grade will learn about ecosystems and the environment and also serves to strengthen their bond as a class and with their teachers through various leadership and faith-based activities.

Junior High

7th & 8th grade years are very busy here at IHM! Students participate in various outreach projects and service days throughout the year as part of IHM Youth Ministry and our Outreach program. In 8th grade our students participate in high school shadow days, Good Friday Mime, May Crowning and visit Washington DC as a class. It truly is a once in a lifetime experience.