Faculty & Staff Directory

Mr. Chris Kolakovich[email protected]
Assistant Principal
Mr. Kyle Burkholder[email protected]Kyle Burkholder
Office Administrator
Mrs. Lisa Kelley[email protected]Lisa Kelley
Mrs. Alysha Leuer[email protected] 
Mrs. Alexandra Rodman[email protected] 
Mrs. Sally Dunn, Nurse[email protected] 
Mrs. Annie Rumer, Nurse[email protected] 
Social Worker
Mrs. Kristin Burke, Social Worker[email protected] 
Mrs. Elise O’Brien[email protected]Elise O’Brien
Mr. Tom Parkes[email protected]Tom Parkes
Business Manager
Mrs. Anna Harvey[email protected] 
Attendance[email protected] 
Director of Religious Education
Mrs. Ute Eble[email protected] 
Director of Sports Ministry
Mrs. Paula Ryan[email protected] 
Mrs. Kristine Clark[email protected] 
Miss Patty Koors[email protected]Patty Koors
1st Grade
Miss Emma Baker[email protected] 
Mrs. Shannon Schmidt[email protected] 
2nd Grade
Mrs. Amanda Patterson[email protected]
Miss Shannon Reid[email protected] 
3rd Grade
Mrs. Ashley Mason[email protected] 
Mrs. Katie Petsche[email protected]Katie Kemiel
4th Grade
Mrs. Cate Hmurovich[email protected] 
Mrs. Bianca Tarpey[email protected]Bianca Tarpey
5th Grade
Mrs. Kristy Florey[email protected]Kristy Florey
Mrs. Kelly Lewis[email protected] 
6th Grade
Mrs. Emily Duffey[email protected] 
Mrs. Heather Holman-Harrell[email protected] 
Junior High
Mr. Jay Alley[email protected] 
Mrs. Pam Barry[email protected] 
Mr. Alexander Fauber[email protected] 
Mr. Grayson Prather[email protected] 
Mrs. Susan Rose[email protected] 
Mrs. Lenore Schmitz[email protected]Lenore Schmitz
Resource Teacher
Mrs. Christine DiGiovanni[email protected]Christine DiGiovanni
Mrs. Amber Johnstone[email protected]Amber Johnstone
Mrs. Amy Schaffer[email protected]Amy Schaffer
Mrs. Abby Odmark, Librarian[email protected] 
Miss Raigan Althouse, Art[email protected] 
Mrs. Jenny Handshoe, Music[email protected]Jenny Handshoe
Mrs. Alcira Hernandez, Spanish[email protected]Alcira Hernandez
Mrs. Angela Kubacki, Physical Education[email protected] 
Mrs. Shelley Shinabarger, STEM/Computer[email protected] 
Miss Grace Stine, Band[email protected] 
Instructional Assistants
Mrs. Beth Byam[email protected] 
Mrs. Jennifer Crist[email protected]Jennifer Crist
Mrs. Lynn Donnelly[email protected] 
Mrs. Nancy Dowling[email protected] 
Mrs. Cami Ehlinger[email protected] 
Mrs. Laura Falcon[email protected] 
Mrs. Jodi Konesco[email protected] 
Mrs. Molly Noble[email protected]Molly Noble
Mrs. Christina Normand[email protected] 
Mrs. Heather O’Brien[email protected] 
Mrs. Amy Schulte[email protected] 
Mrs. Katinka Sweet[email protected] 
Mrs. Claire Tuschong[email protected] 
Mrs. Teresa Winconek[email protected]Teresa Winconek
Mr. Stephen Bourgeois, Athletic Director (Girls)[email protected] 
Mrs. Victoria Bratcher, Athletic Commission President[email protected] 
Mrs. Alexandra “Alex” Rodman, Athletic Director (Boys)[email protected]